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DAU Chibi: Lesson 2.1 Styles by AzeeraTheNinja DAU Chibi: Lesson 2.1 Styles by AzeeraTheNinja
The First REAL Lesson for my dAU Chibi Class! :heart:

(Sorry about the size... )

This one is about Styles!

So, to review what's drawn above, there are three basic styles of chibis that can be change and adapt to your own kind of style.

:bulletgreen: First, the simplest chibi.

You've probably seen this chibi every now and again in the smallest panels imaginable. They usually have this really simple face. And that's it. Just a really simple face and phrase like "...really?" or "..." to get a point across in as little of space as possible.

:bulletblue: Second, the Average Chibi.

This chibi is your average chibi that a lot of people use or think of when they say "chibi". It has anatomy issues and a few lazy spots here and there such as the "stubs for feet and hands" and the not so serious face. Of course, I don't really think it's lazy I think it's a cute touch, but I'm trying to explain this in the easiest way possible... ^^;

:bulletpurple: The Almost not a chibi

This chibi has the most details and you see this in most mangas a LOT without really realizing it, because they're so close to not being a chibi! Look at those moments when the artist makes an impossible face to exaggerate something, then actually look at the rest of the body, and you'll see that it IS a chibi, but with a LOT of detail. A lot of detailed characters will have this style (so that you don't lose the OC as you're trying to simplify them).

:bulletred: The Assignment :bulletred:

Draw each of the three styles using ONE character. So you can see the difference between the outfits and such. :)


- Three Chibis
- 3 Different "Styles"
- Due: Monday, July 16th

:bulletgreen: Extra Credit :bulletgreen:

Comment and like this video that helps further explain this assignment that I made! Link here: [link]

If you have any questions or concerns let me know!

:heart: Allyson

DAU Chibi Syllabus This is my info about my chibis class! :)

Main Topics to Cover about Chibis:

- What is a "Chibi"
- Style
- Head and Hair Study
- Body and Proportions
- Expressions and Face Study
- Special Effects and backgrounds.

You will find ALL assignments in my gallery folder labeled "dA University".
If you can't find the assignment, just let me know and I'll link you. :)


I am available every day after 1:00 p.m. Central Time (US Time) for any help you may need or a Join.Me Session if you need extra tutoring.

I also always answer my messages every day, so if you message me when I'm not online, I'll get to it the next day most likely.
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